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Thoughts on Queer Space and IDAHOT 2012

I attended the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia event in Nairobi, held at the GoDown Arts Centre and was there before it even started at 2 PM! On of the main reasons I was so excited about going was that I look forward to any opportunity where I might get the chance to be […]


This rant is about the airing of the NTV news feature #TheTrend last night during the 9 PM news. The “gay debate”, if you can call it that, was between Lawrence Mute who is a commissioner of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and Charles Kanjama who is Vice Chair of the Kenya  Christian […]

After Kato: A Year Later

Six months ago, to the day, my friend, Amil, and I did a convo over email where we tried to situate David Kato’s life in our individual thoughts, personal beliefs and our sense of activisms extending to the general activist culture in East Africa at the time of his death and a while after that. […]

Operation Linda Nchi

Sorry for the belatedness of this post, and that it doesn’t have any links. The word “nchi” operates diversely in the current discourses on the army operation in Somalia which is ostensibly aimed at counteracting the security threat of Al-Shabab to not only Kenya’s coastline, a hub for tourism which contributes much to Kenya’s annual […]

Wangari and ambivalence

In her death, Kenya has come back to Wangari Maathai, pointing towards her struggles for the environment, human rights, the political hostility she faced in the Moi regime and the indifference she faced in the Kibaki led government, and we have even had the opportunity to acknowledge her unique and powerful ways of organizing women […]

Wambui Otieno: circling and scrutinising

What does increased surveillance – being watched – have to do with our sense of vulnerability? As children, our parents constantly remind us of this constant surveillance: our neighbours are watching and we should be careful of what we say and act, behave well or people will talk. In school, the threat of increased surveillance […]

letter and spirit

How are we to go about with the process of implementing the provision in the constitution that compels elective bodies to have at least one third representation of either gender? Last week, it was said that cabinet had discussed the issue and termed it “impossible” to implement then “impractical” and now, it would seem, time […]


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