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High Court issues landmark decision on the NGLHRC’s right to register

After many delays, the High Court finally issued its decision on the right of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) to register, a decision that could have important ramifications on future endeavours to decriminalise homosexuality via the courts. The full text of the decision isn’t out yet but considering how far-reaching this […]

Citizen TV feature mischaracterizes abuse and exploitation with homosexuality

TW: This post as well as an embedded video contain descriptions of sexual violence. Please consider this TW before sharing the post or the video. Pristine beaches, the blue sea, casual wapwani… this is the (rather orientalist) oeuvre many viewers of Kenyan TV get to see in most news features about the coastal region. It’s […]

Notes on ensuing gay-panic

Just when things wouldn’t get worse (see my previous post on the Ian Castleman case), several websites including one belonging to The Star newspaper are reporting about a pornography “syndicate” operating from Kwale in Kenya’s coastal region. Many of the websites that have picked up the story, including The Star, conflate child pornography and adult […]

The Decriminalization Case that Kenyan LGB Activists haven’t been waiting for

Trigger Warning: this article mentions and minimally describes acts of violence. Please consider this TW while sharing Ian Castleman was arrested and charged in September 2012 for having sex with two residents at his orphanage in Elburgon, Nakuru County. It is unclear whether the residents, both of whom are male, were above the age of […]

Thoughts on Queer Space and IDAHOT 2012

I attended the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia event in Nairobi, held at the GoDown Arts Centre and was there before it even started at 2 PM! On of the main reasons I was so excited about going was that I look forward to any opportunity where I might get the chance to be […]

Queering Earrings and Doctoral Theses

Once upon a time, sagging of pants and wearing earrings were thought to signify deviant sexualities and sexualized identities outside what was considered the norm. Though the stereotyping of gay men as being earring wearing pant sagging deviants has certainly lost its urgency over the years, it can still be potent if invoked at the […]

The Uganda Homophobia Spectacle

In the west (and ‘western’ social enclaves in non-western spaces), a good number of people know Uganda as a homophobic country or have at least (recently) based their judgments (consciously or unconsciously) on news pieces and articles depicting Uganda as a country which abuses one of its most vulnerable minority, queers. The portrayal of Uganda […]


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