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Homosexuality, sex tourism and moral policing of the local/tourist divide

Just after posting this blog chronicling the ongoing case against two men charged in connection to the Diani gay pornography scandal, I came across this article by The Star newspaper which carried comments by the Governor of Kwale County regarding the issue. Speaking in Ukunda, Governor Mvurya stated that “much as we welcome tourists to […]

After the gay porn scandal, arrest and torture of innocents

A gay pornography scandal in the coastal town of Diani a few weeks ago saw house-to-house raids targeting ‘suspected’ homosexuals which led to the arrests of two men. The men have so far been charged under Section 162 of the Penal Code. As reported in my previous post, there are indications that at least one […]

Notes on ensuing gay-panic

Just when things wouldn’t get worse (see my previous post on the Ian Castleman case), several websites including one belonging to The Star newspaper are reporting about a pornography “syndicate” operating from Kwale in Kenya’s coastal region. Many of the websites that have picked up the story, including The Star, conflate child pornography and adult […]

Saying “NO!” to US Imperialism: Part 2

Two months ago, I wrote about how it was exciting and liberating for me to attend IDAHOT 2012 and how I enjoyed it because it created a queer space that didn’t really have to rely on the main event taking place at the GoDown Arts Centre (though many people did attend the event to commemorate […]

Saying “NO!” to US Imperialism: Part 1

This is a statement against the LGBT Pride event, attended by local LGBT activists and organisations, that took place this morning at the United States Embassy in Nairobi. The statement was drafted by a group of we who wanted to create a dissenting opinion to linkages between US Imperialism and LGBTIQ/MSM initiatives in Kenya. A […]

Thoughts on Queer Space and IDAHOT 2012

I attended the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia event in Nairobi, held at the GoDown Arts Centre and was there before it even started at 2 PM! On of the main reasons I was so excited about going was that I look forward to any opportunity where I might get the chance to be […]


This rant is about the airing of the NTV news feature #TheTrend last night during the 9 PM news. The “gay debate”, if you can call it that, was between Lawrence Mute who is a commissioner of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and Charles Kanjama who is Vice Chair of the Kenya  Christian […]


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