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My name is Kenne. This is not a personal blog and was somehow intended to be but somehow never became. Since its inception, this blog has come to cover issues and topics as wide ranging as queer Africa to youth and the political in Kenya.

I am still a young restless student of queer, a subject/topic/theory that astounds me and I would very much like to exhaust it before it exhausts me-it will never exhaust me and I will never exhaust it.

I am young, restless and my life revolves around the socio-political and economic hegemonies that make it so hard for queers to inhabit spaces, any spaces, comfortably. I read a lot, if you haven’t figured that out yet.

Criticism (informed), comments and indifference (typed though) are very much welcome in the comment section after each post but if you want to write a whole book about it, don’t forget to cite my work, it gets me readers. I love English, hate that Kiswahili is negated to mean non-western education/ideals (whatever) and believe that indigenous languages, though vital, shouldn’t be used to justify ‘generic African-ness’. Thanks for reading this.

Email: kennemwikya@gmail.com


  1. Bwana Kenne, I am immediately adding you to my Blogroll (if that is OK with you). I have been reading your blog for the last hour and I absolutely love it.

    1. Thanks kweligee, really appreciate that

  2. givepeaceachance · · Reply

    found ur blog searching for the kenyan peaceful election movement. do u know abt that? btw interesting blog

    1. There was a launch of something called “Tuvuke Initiative” a few days back. If you google it, I am sure you can find the link to the website (which really doesn’t have any resources that you can read, just stock photos with little significance or symbolic meaning to many Kenyans). There isn’t a peaceful election movement in Kenya, as far as I am concerned. How discourses dealing with peace in Kenya work and which strategies as used is kind of difficult to map without a high degree of tentativeness. However, after the 2007/2008 violence that took place around the elections (but can be explained very well as intimately related to past historical injustices), I think there are lots of institutions such as religion, traditional elders and a very very small section of the political elite that seem to be working to bring about elections not premised on violence as an alternative to elections as a means of addressing injustices or even gaining power. Hope this helps.

  3. Kenne' johnson · · Reply

    Hi i was wondering how you pronounced your name because I have the same name and recently just met a man with same name too. My mom thought she just made it up but now I’m starting to think maybe it actually means something.

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. “Kenne” is a truncation of my middle name. For me, it can mean anything from self-realization to courage to new beginnings. What does you mom say it means?

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