Saying “NO!” to US Imperialism: Part 1

This is a statement against the LGBT Pride event, attended by local LGBT activists and organisations, that took place this morning at the United States Embassy in Nairobi. The statement was drafted by a group of we who wanted to create a dissenting opinion to linkages between US Imperialism and LGBTIQ/MSM initiatives in Kenya. A subsequent take down of the event and its implications here.

We, a collective of LGBTIQ Africans, recognising that we do not represent a singular voice of African  LGBTIQ people, but rather speak from the strength of our plurality, take a stand against imperialism and oppose the celebration of the proposed gay pride event, organised by the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

While LGBTIQ and proud, we recognise that we continue to live under the oppression of imperialism imposed by the policies of the United States government.

We stand in solidarity with communities in Kenya and around Africa, who suffer directly from oppressive US policies including, but not limited to:

  • The Muslim communities of Coastal and North Eastern Kenya who are summarily persecuted on supposed Anti-Terrorism actions.
  • The sex worker communities who have been victims of US funding policy discrimination and remain affected by preventable and controllable diseases.
  • The economically marginalised communities that suffer from unfair trade agreements, ODS debt, and structural adjustment programmes that have crippled basic services.
  • The people of Libya and Somalia who are victims of USA militarism.
  • African farmers who are oppressed by market agricultural policies imposed to feed a greedy empire.
  • Mother Earth whose wealth and nourishment is depleted to sustain the insatiable hunger of super-capitalism.

We also stand in solidarity with those resisting US imperialism in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere around the world including the USA.

Towards an Africa free from all forms of oppression!


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